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The true measure of a person is by what "they do"; the actions they take and the results they bring about. The human contribution made by these five women would be impossible to calculate. It is difficult to scope the magnitude of their impact as it includes fashion, culture, commerce, education and many other aspects that build strong communities. The intense vibration and global substance of their work rings out from the neighborhood of Miami International University of Art & Design: to the City of Miami, The Greater Miami area and South Florida, major cities like New York, London, Paris and many more in over 60 countries worldwide.
Erika Fleming is exemplar in leadership, in courage and in delivering notable outcomes. She leads with confidence, energy and style. Erika Fleming is a bold pioneer spirit with the courage to find new ways beyond boundaries past obstacles.  President Fleming delivers  vision and grace flawlessly finding the exact point where dreams are realized in notable fashion.
Charlene Parsons is a key element in the fashion industry. Charlene Parsons has the rare talent, ability, drive and intellect to produce astonishing work always. She set fashion on fire and left it ablaze with a flawless display of decades of super shows.  Charlene's contribution to art, fashion and education worldwide, is staggering.
Lily Cardet defines the art of teaching, making champions and the true meaning of education. Lily, by example, is a fine balance between serious disciple, creative abandon, manners and a pure heart. There are few role models for young people of the caliber of Lily Cardet. She is a major fashion educator, organizer and fashion designer.

Swim Week with Lily Cardet

Young Designer Awards Miami

Erika Fleming, President
Miami International University of Art & Design. FASHINVEST Publication Article


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